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The  SANYpet group  it is first and foremost a group of people, with profoundly different skills and sensitivities, but absolutely all united by one thing: love for animals. In particular, it is those who live daily and forever by our side, the dog and the cat, who are at the center of our loving attention, now no longer only domestic but also working.
Our furry friends have and will always need the best nutrition and someone who chooses it wisely for them.
We have told you that the best nourishment involves a  mix of dry and wet , without naturally neglecting the importance and impact of snacks. For this reason we take care of personally producing everything that dogs and cats need.
Our  Bio certified plant  di Bagnoli di Sopra in the province of Padua was built for the production of dry foods. Instead, we went as far as untouched Iceland  to find the  cleaner ingredients  and over there we founded  ArcticPet, a wet food establishment, and USA Icelandic Snack, a second one dedicated exclusively to snacks.
For a  well-being at 360 degrees, we have finally chosen to push FORZA10 even beyond nutrition, preserving our ethical principles and the duty of natural and drug-free elements. And so we have created cleansers for skin and coat, so that those we love are protected and happy to the maximum, completing a healthy and nutritious diet.
Together, we like to define ourselves as a free company , free from any superfluous factor or that could harm our dogs and cats. Why do we do all this? Simple, we want to return the trust they have in us.
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