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  Argoanne Aka Doby   

It all started from  You !

Someone, special to us, took you to ours  home  and from that moment our life has changed to grow you and live you.  And from you began our adventure called Golden and then transformed into WINDOFSAND Vento di Sabbia.

Then gradually the arrival of all of you:

Leongolden First Kiss aka Maya  , Leongolden Chaos the Wind of Sand  aka Chaos,

Leongolden Twilight Sparkle aka Wave  and the birth of the last  born  American Pullover aka Pully, and Cashmere American Beauty Marley  

Leongolden A Sea Star is Born aka Quiet, Leongolden A Beautiful Vain,

Mad Max De Jazz by Monica Ferrari, Crumble American Pullover windofsand aka Crumble.

Not to forget ours   Leongolden Star is Born aka Bon and all our puppies.

Having a Golden means receiving unconditional love, having him always next to you at all times.

What does he ask for? ................... Only Love.

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